In the heart of Bhutan, Bumthang, a name translating to “beautiful fields,” truly embodies its moniker with its stunning landscapes. Comprising four breathtaking valleys—Ura, Chumey, Tang, and Choekhor—Bumthang is a place of lush valleys, each with its unique allure, showcasing fertile terrains sculpted by ancient glaciers, now flourishing with rice paddies and buckwheat fields. As Bhutan’s spiritual core, the region is speckled with ancient dzongs and monasteries, like the majestic Jakar Dzong and the sacred Kurjey Lhakhang, home to Guru Rinpoche’s footprint. Tamshing Lhakhang stands as a testament to Bhutanese heritage, inviting visitors to revel at its historic depths. The vibrant Tsechu festival offers a glimpse into the cultural vibrancy of Bhutan, with its spirited dances and music. For nature and adventure enthusiasts, Thrumshingla National Park presents a sanctuary for diverse wildlife, including the rare black-necked cranes, while the valleys offer paths for cycling, hiking, and the thrill of white water rafting on the Jakar River downstream. Bumthang, with its amalgamation of spiritual sanctity, cultural richness, and natural wonders, promises an enriching journey into the heart of Bhutanese tradition and beauty.


Interesting Facts

  1. Four Major Valleys: Bumthang has four major valleys – Chokhor, Tang, Ura, and Chhume, with Chokhor being the largest and most significant, often referred to as the Bumthang Valley​​.
  2. Name Origin: There are two versions of the origin of the name Bumthang. One relates to the valley’s supposed shape resembling a ‘bumpa’ (a vessel of holy water), with ‘thang’ meaning field or flat place. Another interpretation relates to the beauty of the local women, where ‘bum’ means girl​​.
  3. Swiss Connection: Bumthang is known for its Swiss Farm, established by Fritz Maurer, which introduced cheesemaking, brewing, European honey bees, farming machinery, and fuel-efficient wood stoves. The project also led to the creation of Bhutan’s celebrated beer, Red Panda, brewed at the Bumthang Brewery​​​​.
  4. Cheese Factory: The region boasts Bhutan’s only commercial cheese factory, which is open to visitors for tours that include free tasting. The factory and the brewery contribute significantly to the local economy and are prominent attractions for visitors​


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